US Army Selects Reactive Innovations, LLC To Develop A Hydrogen Mitigation Device For MREs

BOSTON, December 15, 2003 – Reactive Innovations, LLC (RIL), formerly MicroCell Technologies, was selected by the US Army to develop a device for capturing or utilizing hydrogen gas released from Mg/Fe flameless ration heaters. The military uses flameless ration heaters in Meals, Ready-to-Eat (MREs) and larger troop rations including the Remote Unit Self Heating Meal (RUSHM). During activation of these ration heaters, hydrogen gas is generated that could pose an explosive hazard if the lower explosion limit is exceeded. To mitigate or reduce this explosion potential, the US Army selected Reactive Innovations, LLC to develop a device that could be integrated into the RUSHMs and MREs to react the hydrogen gas.

RIL’s reactor technology electrochemically reacts the hydrogen to form electricity, heat, and water such that no hydrogen is released to the environment. The electricity generated by the electrochemical reaction may be used to operate external electronic conveyances such as digital equipment, radios, computers, and battery chargers or the electricity may be used with integrated electrical heaters within the ration or heater unit. RIL will demonstrate its compact electrochemical reactor culminating in a heater unit that readily integrates with the flameless ration heater.

The commercial benefits of RIL’s advanced electrochemical reactor technology are directly aimed at the military Meals, Ready-to-Eat rations and the larger troop rations. Non-military commercial applications include recreational and portable usage of flameless ration heaters that pose similar hydrogen explosion hazards.

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