US Army Tank Command Briefed On RIL’s Chemical Hydride Hydrogen Generator

BOSTON, March 28, 2006 – The US Army tank command (US-Tacom) was briefed today by representatives of Reactive Innovations, LLC (RIL), formerly MicroCell Technologies, on their compact chemical hydride system for generating hydrogen gas. As a part of a larger system that will produce high purity hydrogen gas for an Army fuel cell backup power system, RIL demonstrated their chemical hydride storage system for generating hydrogen gas once activated with water, including distilled, tap, or simulated sea water. Complete reaction yield of the hydride was shown by RIL with their innovative design that safely controlled the hydrogen evolution rate. A fast start-up capability of less than 1 second was also demonstrated allowing the fuel generator to quickly supply hydrogen gas to a fuel cell backup power system.


The Army is looking at this chemical hydride storage system for generating hydrogen gas for a 5 kW PEM fuel cell backup power system that will require 80 slpm of hydrogen for 12 hours. The fuel generator developed and demonstrated by RIL could be used to produce this hydrogen gas in forward theatre operations. With a projected hydrogen generator energy capacity of 790 W-hr/kg (wet basis), the compact design of RIL’s generator will help reduce the required water to operate the fuel generator while lessening logistical storage and transportation.

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