Presentation Given By Reactive Innovations, Llc On Air Breathing Manganese Oxide Cathodes In Alkaline Electrolytes At The Fall 2006 Ecs Conference

BOSTON, Nov. 1, 2006 — A presentation was given by Dr. Michael C. Kimble, President and Founder of Reactive Innovations, LLC (formerly MicroCell Technologies, LLC) at the Fall 2006 meeting of The Electrochemical Society in Cancun, Mexico. This talk discussed on-going and patent pending development work at Reactive Innovations, LLC on developing inexpensive air-breathing cathodes for alkaline batteries and fuel cells. The title of the talk is “Air Breathing Manganese Oxide Cathodes In Alkaline Electrolytes.”


Inexpensive cathodes for alkaline based batteries and fuel cells are desired that can operate with ambient air. Using manganese oxide, MnO2, we have developed electrodes on metallic nickel current collectors that are amenable to being flexed and rolled into cylindrical geometries. These electrodes have been optimized to operate with a 30% KOH electrolyte matrix placed on one side and ambient air diffusion on the opposing side.

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T.J. Blakley, K.D. Jayne, and M.C. Kimble, “Air Breathing Manganese Oxide Cathodes In Alkaline Electrolytes,” Proceedings of the Electrochemical Society Conference, Cancun, Mexico Nov. (2006)

Contact Info:

Michael C. Kimble, Ph.D.

Reactive Innovations, LLC

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