Reactive Innovations, Llc Delivers Presentation On Spiral-wound Pem Fuel Cells For Portable Applications At The Fall 2006 Ecs Conference

BOSTON, Nov. 2, 2006 – Dr. Michael C. Kimble, President and Founder of Reactive Innovations, LLC (formerly MicroCell Technologies, LLC) delivered a technical paper at the Fall 2006 meeting of The Electrochemical Society’s conference in Cancun, Mexico. This talk entitled “Spiral-Wound PEM Fuel Cells for Portable Applications,” was presented in the proton exchange membrane fuel cell symposium reflecting on-going and patent pending development work at Reactive Innovations, LLC on fuel cell technology.


Lighter weight and compact fuel cells are desired for low power levels less than 50 watts. Often, PEM fuel cells in this category are smaller versions of the larger planar fuel cells maintaining similar components. However, for low power level systems, the currents are often on the order of a few amps and thus do not require bipolar plates, but can instead rely on edge-tab current collection. A cylindrically designed PEM fuel cell can help reduce the stack mass and volume for small portable systems. A membrane and electrode assembly envelope is wrapped around a mandrel core for supplying hydrogen while ambient air diffuses from the ends. Metallic screen current collectors and carbon-free electrocatalysts allow the cell to operate in both fuel cell and electrolyzer modes. A benefit of this reversible cylindrical fuel cell is that it minimizes the number of components thus helping to maximize the energy density for portable power applications.

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T.J. Blakley, K.D. Jayne, and M.C. Kimble, “Spiral-Wound PEM Fuel Cells for Portable Applications,” ECS Transactions Volume 3, Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells 6, 210th ECS Meeting, Cancun, Mexico, October 29-November 3, (2006)

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Michael C. Kimble, Ph.D.
Reactive Innovations, LLC

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