CDC Awards Contract To Reactive Innovations, LLC To Develop Scratch Resistant, Self-cleaning, And Anti-fog Eyewear

BOSTON, May 31, 2007 – Reactive Innovations, LLC was awarded a contract from the Centers for Disease Control to develop a new line of scratch resistant, self-cleaning, and anti-fog eyewear to protect citrus crop workers. The US Department of Health and Human Services in cooperation with the Partnership for Citrus Worker Health have identified an urgent need for improved protective eyewear for citrus workers. Studies of serious occupational eye injuries have demonstrated that safety glasses would prevent the majority of injuries, if used. However, worker acceptance is low, primarily because current safety eyewear is poorly suited for harvesting citrus in hot, humid conditions. The specific drawbacks of available safety eyewear are that the lenses do not provide the required combination of scratch resistance, self-cleaning capability and anti-fog characteristics. Reactive Innovations, LLC with its teaming partners NeoAdvent Technologies and Bacou-Dalloz Eye & Face Protection Inc. will formulate, design, and fabricate a scratch resistant, anti-fog/self-cleaning coating to address this issue. The Reactive Innovations’ coating combines the flexibility and adhesion of a polymer with the hardness and chemical resistance of a glass.


Potential commercial applications include Rx lens manufacturers, food-packaging developers and suppliers of automotive glass for windshields and mirrors. The Rx lens market represents more than $3 Billion in sales each year. This improved coating technology could revolutionize the transparent substrate marketplace.

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