Reactive Innovations, LLC Receives Grant From The National Science Foundation For Developing A Non-destructive Sensor Platform For Chemical Activity Assessment On Reactive Surfaces

BOSTON, June 15, 2007 – A grant was awarded to Reactive Innovations, LLC from the National Science Foundation to develop and demonstrate a new sensor platform for measuring the reactive surface activity in real time in a non-destructive manner. Reactive surfaces are increasingly being used in products ranging from batteries and fuel cells to bio-coated films used for bio and chemical destruction or detection. One of the common features to these coatings is a reactive element or compound. In processing these layers it is often difficult to assess the activity of the reactive layer unless destructive tests are used on selected samples. Common inspection techniques for such coated films and surfaces include optical, electrical, and thickness analyses that are capable of determining the presence and location of the reactive layer elements. However, none of these classical processes are capable of addressing the fundamental requirement of a reactive surface, its chemical activity and propensity for reacting. In this grant, Reactive Innovations, LLC will demonstrate a new sensor platform for measuring the real-time activity of reactive surfaces in a continuous and non-destructive manner.


The broader impact of this project is a sensor approach that can help the manufacturing process for reliably fabricating reactive surfaces. The technical approach is amenable to high volume manufacturing methods where reactive films or layers are continuously fabricated. With this approach, these reactive film activities can be quantified before the films are processed further into higher value products. This will help improve manufacturing yields and reduce costs.

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