Contract Awarded To Reactive Innovations, LLC From The DOE To Develop A Process For Converting Carbon Dioxide Into Commercial Products

BOSTON, September 22, 2009 – Reactive Innovations, LLC of Westford, MA has been awarded a contract from the Department of Energy to develop an electrocatalytic conversion process for transforming carbon dioxide gas into commercial products. The United States continues to rely on petroleum and natural gas as its primary sources of fuels. As the domestic reserves of these feedstocks decline, the volumes of imported fuels grow, and the environmental impacts resulting from fossil fuel combustion become severe. The increase in carbon dioxide emissions over the last 100 years has had a dramatic effect on our atmosphere, contributing to global warming. Additionally, our reliance on foreign oil is of increasing concern from a national security standpoint. The catalytic conversion of carbon dioxide into liquid fuels using solar and electrical energy would enable the carbon in carbon dioxide to be recycled into fuels, thereby reducing its contribution to atmospheric warming, and becoming a source of renewable energy. Carbon dioxide is potentially a plentiful resource which could become the feedstock for many processes producing commercial chemicals not limited to fuels. Currently, no process exists for the efficient conversion of carbon dioxide

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