Navy Awards Contract To Reactive Innovations, LLC To Develop A Low Temperature Thermal Battery


June 12, 2012 – Reactive Innovations, LLC of Westford, MA has received a contract from the Navy to develop a low temperature thermal battery. Low temperature electrolytes for thermal batteries are desired to increase the power density while still maintaining safe and long-storage life capability. Reducing the operating temperature of the thermal batteries can lessen the amount of pyrotechnic material and insulation required to maintain a molten electrolyte during the thermal battery operating lifetime. This translates directly into a higher power density cell. The common materials of choice for thermal batteries use LiCl-KCl at its eutectic ratio to minimize its melting point to 352 oC. To obtain a thermal battery that operates at a much reduced temperature, Reactive Innovations, LLC is developing an alternative lower operating temperature electrolyte. During the Navy program, the firm will develop and demonstrate two low temperature eutectic electrolyte systems showing their feasibility with operational thermal batteries. Using these materials along with a new manufacturing technique, Reactive will show higher power density thermal batteries that operate at temperatures less than 200 oC. A larger, higher voltage thermal battery system will be developed and evaluated in a later program working with a commercial partner to help transition the technology to military applications. This low temperature thermal battery may find commercial utility for emergency and backup power systems. Reactive’s approach offers a 20 year shelf life allowing it to be activated with full power capability within seconds to operate for one hour long durations.

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