MassVentures Awards Stage I Funding To Reactive Innovations, LLC For A Portable Medical Oxygen Generator

July 1, 2013 – Reactive Innovations, LLC has received Stage I funding from MassVentures to continue its development of a portable medical oxygen generator. A light-weight, quiet, and portable oxygen generation system is being developed by Reactive Innovations, LLC that can produce 1 liter per min of oxygen for a 4 hour runtime weighing less than 6 lbs. Based on Reactive’s previous work for NASA and the Navy on separating oxygen from air, the firm secured this round of venture capital funding from MassVentures. This oxygen separation process aims to obtain a quiet and lightweight system that operates off of batteries and that can be worn on the user’s hip. With this approach, the product is a quiet and mobile system enabling respiratory patients an enhanced freedom in life. The funding is presently be used to develop an operating prototype, assess the market size and needs, develop a marketing and business plan, and develop a management team to commercialize this opportunity.

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