Department Of Energy Awards Grant To Reactive Innovations, LLC To Develop A Templated Micro-channel Thermal Control System


February 18, 2014 – The Department of Energy has awarded Reactive Innovations a grant to develop a templated micro-channel thermal control system. Electronic systems have increasing thermal demands that need improved cooling solutions that are light weight and low cost. An effective thermal control solution is needed that can integrate with on-detector electronics used in nuclear physics instruments. To address this, a new manufacturing method is being developed by Reactive Innovations, LLC to develop micro-channel heat exchangers with tailored sizes, geometries, and flow features for on-detector electronics. This manufacturing process produces 3-dimensional micro-flow channels using either copper, aluminum, or carbon/epoxy materials culminating in high heat transfer effectiveness. Applications for commercial thermal control systems that use the micro-channel manufacturing process include compact heat exchangers for microelectronics, automotive systems, aerospace systems, and compact chemical reactors. Improved heat transfer effectiveness, lighter weight and volume, and ease of manufacture will broaden the appeal of the micro-channel thermal control system for compact to large heat exchangers used in commercial and industrial applications.

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