Reactive Innovations wins Multi-Year Grant from the Department of Energy to Develop a Micro-Channel Thermal Control System


April 7, 2015 – The Department of Energy has awarded Reactive Innovations a multi-year grant to continue its development of a micro-channel thermal control system. With initial applications towards electronic cooling, electronic systems are used extensively throughout our society ranging from cell phones and laptop computers, to medical/office equipment, industrial and military systems, avionics, and automotive systems. These electronic systems have continued to shrink in size while delivering higher levels of performance, benefits that have greatly improved the products and processes that the electronic systems serve. However, a major cause of electronics failure is inadequate power dissipation. And this challenge is getting more difficult – continued increases in circuit density and clock rates have increased heat fluxes to over 1000 W/cm2 challenging all thermal management products in terms of performance and cost. Accordingly, new thermal management technologies are needed where liquid-cooled and two-phase micro-channel thermal management solutions are the best candidate for removing this waste heat.  To meet this market need, Reactive Innovations has developed a manufacturing process that produces micro-channels with advanced internal component enhancements at the 100 micron level that can be sold at the $100 price range.

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