About Us

drillReactive Innovations, LLC is a specialty research and development firm that focuses on solving critical US Government needs in the Clean Technology and Advanced Materials Sectors. Located in Westford, MA, the firm was started in 2003 by Dr. Michael C. Kimble to apply advanced electrochemical engineering and science principles to solve technical problems identified by the Government including the Department of Defense, NASA, Environmental Protection Agency, National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, Centers for Disease Control, and the USDA.

Reactive’s business model is to secure government funded contracts and grants based upon responding to competitive solicitations. These contracts enable the firm to innovate and develop new technologies to solve government identified problems culminating in the delivery of research reports, operational prototypes, or a limited number of operational systems for use by the government. As a small business, Reactive owns the technology rights to its government funded research and development projects. The government receives a royalty-free license to use the technology for its needs while Reactive is free to commercialize the technology toward non-governmental needs. Consequently, the firm files patents and establishes trade secrets on select technologies to protect core development areas that are being primed for commercialization.

microscopeThe technology areas that Reactive focuses on include chemical reactors, chemical separation processes, chemical sensors, and materials development. In responding to government issued solicitations, the firm only enters into contracts if we have identified a potential commercialization opportunity that has significant market value.  In commercializing these technologies, we seek to use government funding as well as strategic partners. Depending on the technology, our commercialization strategies vary from issuing a license to a manufacturer, to establishing our own manufacturing facility, to forming a subsidiary with outside investors including venture capitalists, angel investors, and strategic partners. Reactive Innovations also manufactures a line of research grade test cells used for electrochemical studies. These units are sold to research organizations in the US and Asia.


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