In 2008, Reactive Innovations, LLC purchased and moved into a new facility giving it over 4100 ft2 of office, laboratory, and manufacturing space. The facilities include technical and administrative offices, conference areas, library, laboratories, assembly areas, machine shop, kitchen and lavatories. The technical facilities include an Analytical Laboratory, an Electrochemical Engineering Laboratory, and a Coatings Laboratory.

Major equipment items for the laboratories include:

Analytical Laboratory

  • SRI multiple gas chromatograph
  • Thermo-Scientific Evolution 160 UV-VIS spectrophotometer
  • Orbeco 975 MP Colorimeter
  • Olympus stereoscopic microscope with digital imaging
  • Accumet 915 pH Meter station
  • Laboratory fumehoods
  • Scientech SA 210D laboratory balance
  • Galaxy electronic balance
  • Denver Instrument Electronic Precision Balance

Electrochemical Engineering Laboratory

  • Thermo-Scientific 750 Series Isotemp Programmable Muffle Furnace
  • Lambda ESS20-500-2-D 10 kW power supply
  • Lauda RC20 600 W (-30 to 150 ºC) cooling/heating cart
  • Kikusui PLZ664WA electronic load bank
  • Gamry potentiostat & galvanostat with EIS and Tafel measurement capabilities
  • 10,000 Gallon/day process water test facility
  • 3000 psi high-pressure hydrogen/oxygen electrolyzer test system
  • Buchi RE 421 Roto-evaporator with 461 water bath
  • Fisher model 281 thermal vacuum oven
  • Unitek 250 dual pulse spot welder
  • Vacuum filtration table
  • National Instruments/Labview data acquisition system
  • Carver hydraulic hot-press

Coatings Laboratory

  • Dry adhesion tester (ASTM D3359)
  • Flexibility tester (ASTM D522)
  • Scratch hardness tester (ASTM D3363)
  • BYK Gardner AR 3880 film casting machine, stainless steel casting rods (0.5, 1.0, and 2.0 mils), Simco “TOP gun” deionizing air gun with 0.01 micron filter
  • Air drying/filtering assembly with a desiccant dryer, 5 micron pre-filter, 0.01 micron fine filter, and 25 CFM flow rate at 125 psig and 130 F
  • Clean booth for film casting 24” x 44” x 27.5” SAS
  • Class 10,000 clean room condition box with HEPA filter, 80 CFM flow, 100 ft/min face velocity
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