RI-CADS (Catalytic Activity Detection System) is a hand-held probe that measures the chemical activity of reactive surfaces in a non-destructive manner. With RI-CADS, users may quantify the propensity of a reactive film or surface to function as intended before it is incorporated into a higher value product. Optical and electrical metrology methods are often employed in practice to measure film thickness, surface roughness, porosity, and uniformity. These are important variables that can affect how a catalytic surface will perform, but the traditional optical and electrical measurement methods do not address the fundamental variable of interest – how chemically active is the surface. Using RI-CADS, manufacturers to researchers can characterize reactive surfaces in real time without destroying their products.

Benefits of using RI-CADS

  • Portable, hand-held operation to assess catalytic activity non-destructively
  • Rapid assessment on the order of 1 minute per sample
  • Fast scan mode for manufacturing, go/no-go quality control assessments
  • Enhanced operational mode for detailed research studies
  • Non-destructive operation allows scanned work-pieces to be incorporated into higher value products


  • Catalytic surface assessments such as fuel cell membrane and electrode assemblies
  • Catalyst powder activity assessments
  • Metallic surface characterization
  • Biofilm activity assessments
  • Chemical bath composition analysis
  • Research investigations to manufacturing quality control
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  • Styled Using CSS3