fccellReactive Innovations’ RI-RASC is a Reactor and Separator Cell that can be used in electrochemical research investigations. For applications including fuel cell reactions and electrolysis separations, RI-RASC is a test platform where users can assess materials such as electrodes and membranes as well as assess operating conditions including temperatures, pressures, flow rates, and voltages/currents.  These cells are designed to be readily taken apart and reassembled in support of electrochemical research and development activities.

fcstackBenefits of using RI-RASC

  • 5, 25, and 50 cm2active area sizes
  • Single cell to 6-cell size stacks
  • Intra-cell thermal control via separate cooling/heating fluid
  • Gaseous and liquid flow rate design options
  • Corrosion resistant components


  • Fuel cell material and system studies
  • Electrolyzer material and system studies
  • Electrochemical reaction studies such as chlor-alkali
  • Separation studies such as CO2 from air and water, O2 from air
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