Ben_reactor_web1Reactive Innovations’ RI-ZONE is an ozone generation system to disinfect water. Ozone is a proven disinfectant that readily disinfects resistant microorganisms includingCryptosporidium parvumand Giardia lamblia that have caused a large number of epidemics in the United States through drinking water. RI-ZONE produces ozone directly within a water stream that eliminates the dangerous and complex operation of producing ozone in a gaseous environment and subsequently injecting it into the water stream. With RI-ZONE, water supplies can readily be disinfected using our in-line reactor in an economic and safe manner.

Benefits of using RI-ZONE

  • Produces a proven ozone disinfectant directly in the process water
  • Scalable system from single sink to larger industrial water treatment
  • In-line reactor eliminates bulky and costly components used in traditional corona arc discharge methods
  • More effective distribution of ozone in water than ozone injection methods
  • Safer ozone generation process that eliminates gaseous leaks


  • Treatment of water for food preparation operations
  • Drinking water disinfection
  • Waste water disinfection
  • Emergency and disaster water disinfection operations
  • Remediation operations
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