Research Areas

At the core of Reactive Innovations, LLC is our research and development activities that enable us to explore and understand new scientific processes, as well as improve existing product development initiatives. With our R&D focus on solving critical US Government needs in the Clean Technology and Advanced Materials Sectors, the firm seeks R&D opportunities that range from near term commercialization potential, to longer term research endeavors that contribute to the scientific knowledge pool in the short term, but that have a significant societal impact in the long term. 

Industries We Specialize In



At Reactive, our research in the Energy Sector focuses on developing energy storage and conversion systems as well as producing technologies that reduce the energy…



Reactive is active in helping NASA solve technical challenges associated with space missions involving life support operations and in situ resource utilization. Reactive’s early work…



Reactive conducts research and development for the US Department of Defense focusing on a number of areas. From developing alkaline fuel cells for soldier power,…



It goes without saying that we all want to live in a clean, safe, and healthy environment. Toward this mission, Reactive has been developing technologies…

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