Reactive is active in helping NASA solve technical challenges associated with space missions involving life support operations and in situ resource utilization. Reactive’s early work for NASA started with the development of high pressure water electrolyzers for lunar operations that could electrochemically convert water into high 3600 psi oxygen and hydrogen gases. From this, the firm has continued to innovate in developing separation systems for NASA that process gas-liquid mixtures as well as novel systems including the separation of hydrogen sulfide from lunar regolith process streams.mars-CO2

Carbon dioxide is always a pressing challenge for NASA whether it is for removing carbon dioxide from cabin air environments to the collection and processing of it on Mars. Accordingly, Reactive has developed a number of electrochemical based processes that can capture, separate, or react carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Another critical life support operation for NASA is the pressurization of oxygen for storage in support of EVA, life support, medical needs, and as an oxidant in power generators. Reactive has developed air separation systems that selectively remove the oxygen from the cabin air while pressurizing the oxygen electrochemically. Water is another critical life support component that Reactive focuses on for NASA’s long duration missions. Silver ion biocinasao2de delivery systems are under development for long duration missions that will prevent biofilm growth in potable water storage and delivery systems. Our Aerospace Sector aim is to develop technologies, products, and processes that improve, enable, and extend the capabilities for NASA’s space missions involving life support operations and in situ resource utilization.

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