Reactive conducts research and development for the US Department of Defense focusing on a number of areas. From V-22-Osprey-picdeveloping alkaline fuel cells for soldier power, to developing nitrogen inerting systems for the Navy’s V22 aircraft fuel tanks, Reactive aims to improve the capabilities of our defense systems. Most of the defense technologies Reactive has developed involve a chemical reaction basis.  Accordingly, other technologies developed include non-skid and radar adsorbing coatings for ships and ITO repair kits to fix damaged and scratched ITO-coated canopies for aircraft. Reactive has developed and patented a new line of non-destructive sensor probes that can be used to detect hidden corrosion, fatigue, and cracks in military vehicles, aircraft, and equipment. With these sensor probes, damaged surfaces can be detected before catastrophic failure occurs. Reactive’s materials synthesis and electrochemical technologies are being used to improve military batteries including lithium/CFx and thermal batteries that operate at lower temperatures for missiles. New separation technology is also being developed to separate rare earththermalbattery materials to ensure a domestic capability of supplying these rare earth materials to the military industrial base. Reactive has developed novel carbon dioxide generators that are compact and inexpensive integrating them into vector arthropod traps to attract and capture arthropods by military entomologists. Our Defense Sector aim is to provide technologies, products, and processes that offer superior performance, affordable cost, and rapid adaptability for US defense measures.

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