It goes without saying that we all want to live in a clean, safe, and healthy environment. Toward this mission, Reactive has been developing technologies to improve our drinking water, to process excess carbon dioxide in our air into mixed-oxidantusable products, to the processing of biomass into usable fuel, and to the development of anti-fog and scratch-resistant protective eyewear to protect citrus crop workers. Via continued research and development in catalysis, membranes, and cell design, Reactive has developed a number of small community and residential water disinfection systems. These systems produce in situ disinfectants of either sodium hypochlorite, ozone, ferrate, or mixed oxidants of hydrogen peroxide and ozone to disinfect water. Other technology focus areas include the development of hydrogen sulfide gas sensor arrays that can be deployed over large areas associated with landfills, refineries, or concentrated animal feeding operations. With these inexpensive arrays, deleterious hydrogen sulfide gas emissions can be tracked and used to warn neighboring regions of potentially harmful emissions. Other environmentally focuh2sCAFOsed technology areas the firm is involved with include developing new chemical reaction processes that eliminate waste streams. For instance, a new manufacturing process is being developed that can produce the dimethyl carbonate solvent using only methanol and carbon dioxide reactants, eliminating the use of toxic phosgene presently used in manufacturing this solvent. Our Environmental Sector aim is to provide environmentally sound technology, products, and processes that make our world cleaner, safer, and healthier.


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